Programme Components


User Manual and Trainer's Book:

Step 1

It provides a scientific background on dyslexia, its manifestations, diagnosis, and the characteristics of the Arabic language, with a detailed description of the Orton-Glenham method, a description of the Genius Reader program and how to use it, as well as the guide that the trainer uses to teach the program, and it contains 42 levels.


Trainee's Booklet:

Step 2

The trainee's booklet is for use in each training session.


Sounds and Letters Stories:

A group of recorded videos presented to the trainee to explain letters and vowels.


Card box:

Step 4

It contains 4 types of cards:

  1. Phonemes cards
  2. Letter and vowels cards
  3. Sound cards
  4. Common word cards

Story collection:

Step 5

stories appropriate to the content of the therapeutic program, ranging in difficulty according to the skills the child is studying in the program, and encouraging the guardian’s follow-up with the trainee.

You can request your copy of the programme by contacting us directly through the communication mechanisms available here on our website